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Bent, twisted or otherwise damaged joists, girders or beams are no problem. Habco will design a fix to suit the problem and implement quickly and cost-effectively.

The entire roof of the large warehouse on the left was to be covered with solar panels. Habco reinforced the joists below to hold the additional load. Our designs target the specific situation, adding enough strength without unnecessarily blanketing the joist with unneeded steel. On the right, Habco’s crew is building a rooftop platform to accommodate a large air-conditioning unit.

Damaging corrosion can seriously impact the strength of your building’s support system. Habco will inspect, access the damage, and design the right amount of reinforcement to restore the original strength – or whatever strength you need. Our skilled welders and fitters will get the much-needed steel in place without slowing down your production of getting in your way.

When Mother Nature does her worst, Habco will help. The first priority is safety, so we will inspect and shore up any dangerous instability so that our engineers, technicians and crew members can proceed. Whatever the damage, Habco can access, design and implement the right solution to meet your needs.

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